BDC (Business Development Center) | CRM (Customer Relations Management) |SALES  PROCESS

Having the privilege and honor of sitting on Vinsolutions Elite Dealer Advisory Board for 3 years, I have learned a lot about CRM tools and how important in-store processes are to your store’s success.

I have attended many Automotive Conferences and have been trained by the best BDC trainers over the years and have listened to many very successful Dealer Principles and General Managers speak. The one thing they all attribute the continuing success of their stores is a solid written in stone PROCESS for all departments.

The Low Hanging Fruit at most dealers will be their Internet Leads follow-up and the Sales Calls Process. Do you have a written in store and CRM process for both of these sales channels? If not I can Help.


Are you using your CRM to its full potential? Probably not! Is every single contact getting logged for a future sales and service follow-up? Are you still using the ineffective default processes that the CRM came with? Do you have separate processes for the different types of leads?   I can help.

It’s been my experience that the Biggest Profit Leak for most dealers is an ineffective Follow-up process for:

  • Sales Calls – Is Every Call Logged with good notes and a structured CRM follow-up process?
  • Internet Leads – Is your CRM set-up with an effective follow-up process to maximize customer contact?
  • Unsold follow-up – If a customer walked into your showroom its because they want to buy a car!
  • Sold follow-up – Is you CRM process set-up to help you retain that sold customer and get you referrals?

To utilize your CRM properly is a challenge and a dealers culture may require some changes and the Owners and Management  Buy-in. Remember the most successful dealers are married to their strong Process Goals.

Some areas that can represent growth opportunities are:

People – Recruiting, hiring and training the right people with the skills, confidence, and persistence to implement CRM. Your CRM will keep your salespeople busy and productive if set up properly.

Process – Clearly define the process from beginning to end for every customer touch point, be it the phone, Internet or face-to-face, to ensure that everyone has a clear vision and understanding of what “should” be.

Place – Do your people have what they need and the infrastructure to support your vision of CRM?

Tools – Technology and tools don’t sell cars, people do. But it is amazing how the right tools can help dealers get more done with less effort.

Measurement – Tracking and measuring your performance results are the only way to hold your people accountable and make sure that they’re implementing the process you’ve defined, utilizing the tools you’ve invested in and building value with your customers.