Google Analytics 101

The Only Way to Leverage Google Analytics for any Useful Actionable Data is to Install Your Own GA Code  to your Website.

Google Analytics is one of the most valuable tools in understanding your online marketing efforts if it is set up properly. Simply put, Google Analytics is your key to maximizing every marketing dollar you spend. It gives you detailed information about the traffic your vendors are sending, so you can analyze each vendor’s performance and keep only those who are providing quality traffic. Analytics can tell you who comes to your site, who sent them there, what they do while they’re there, how long they stay, where they live, what time they visited, and a host of other useful information that can help you more effectively target potential customers.

 Google Analytics can show you many insights into your site’s traffic:

  • ROI on Marketing Investments  Looking at Quality of Traffic or Just Wasteful Quantity Traffic
  • Shoppers Behaviour and Demographics
  • Time on site and all pages goals
  • Bot (fake) Traffic from PPC, Email Campaigns, Vendors etc
  • PPC Performance and True Cost to You.
  • Leads and Page Conversions
  • Views over Time to Site pages> VDP – SRP – Form Fills – Hours and Directions – Reviews.Case in Point, GA shows 200 monthly page views to the credit app but you only got 6 apps. That tells us nobody wanted to fill out your credit apps 30 lines of info and bailed out.

Now here is a problem, most dealers rely on the website provider to get their GA reports.

You should be managing your own account set up by you! This will be the only way you can extract actionable data from GA if it is set up properly

Auto Dealers have a unique data set they need to be looking at as we are not an Online store like Amazon or a Zappos. We don’t sell anything you can pay for online at most dealers, that’s changing and is a topic for another post.

I will set up Google Analytics properly for a car dealer and you will be amazed at the amount of actionable data we can look at weekly. Your site provider just shows you page views, time on site and the most misunderstood metric, bounce rates.