Conquest Email Marketer’s Busted!

So my Boss tells me we just got a great deal on a Conquest Email Marketing campaign that guaranteed us 35 sales and a ton of traffic to our site for under $9000. We set up the campaign in our Google Analytics account and watched the traffic increase the day the emails were sent out. We let it run a few days and we were very impressed with the visitors behavior once they got to our site. They were looking at SRP & VDP pages, Hours and Directions, Specials etc.

On the surface, it looked great and in the first 2 campaigns, it looked like we were getting thousands of qualified shoppers based on their activity on our sites at a cost of less than $1.50 a click. I said to my boss there is something unnatural about this traffic and he said: “Well look into it”. So I peel away another layer in our analytics account and what I found was astonishing!

That very day I get an email from Brian Pasch from PCG Marketing that he just added another training video to his training site that exposed a” Named Company” email marketing scam. What we both found was the traffic from our same “Named Company” campaign matched what he saw in on one of his clients campaign.

This traffic was clearly not from real people and on the surface seemed to be fake, Bots maybe?  I called Brian right away and the rest is history. We collaborated with  other dealers that used some other email marketing companies and we uncovered a huge email marketing scam.

The traffic was coming from PC’s only and no mobile, it was coming from all over the country, it created no leads, it stopped abruptly, and lots of the pages visited were pages I would have trouble finding like our privacy page. In the last 6 months, we had less than 30 visits to the privacy page but the email campaign had generated hundreds of visits to the privacy page.

Long story short is you need to learn how to evaluate your traffic from any paid campaigns for legitimacy. Brian stirred up a few law suits and wrote a white paper on these email scams and has since then identified many more companies as well as some new  very intricate scams  these email companies use to dig into dealers deep pockets. Let’s talk as this was a very simplified and short version of what we found.

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