Reviews | Reputation Management

Reviews | Reputation Management |And their effect on SEO

Reputation Management is a never-ending battle! We all know how important it is to get good reviews yet most Independent dealers struggle with their reviews. They get a few good reviews here and there and then that one or two customers post a really bad review. Now What?

You need a Steady Stream of fresh good reviews on Google for two reasons, one and the obvious reason is how much influence good reviews have on who the shoppers will choose to do business with. Two: Your reviews play a big role in how Google ranks your site in search. A steady stream of good reviews is a must. Thirty Reviews and a 3-star rating over the many years you have been in business just doesn’t cut it!

The average Hanover | York Used Car Dealer has a star rating in the mid 3’s with less than 30 reviews. If you partner with me we will make it a goal to get 10 good Google reviews a month and in less than 6 months, we will blow the competition away.


So a shopper is searching for a used car and all the local dealers have a few Google reviews with star ratings in the mid 3’s and they see a dealer with 90 good recent reviews and a 4.6 Star rating, which site do you think they will visit first? Now that we have Great Reviews and we take them to a Great Mobile Friendly easy to navigate site with lots of good content and shopping tools with standing tall pictures and great descriptions. Next, they will shop your competition with a horrible Mobile Unfriendly site and when they are ready to buy, whose site do they come back to? You guessed right!