SEM “Search Engine Marketing”

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Search Engine Marketing which includes PPC “Pay Per Click”, Retargeting, YouTube True View Video Pre-Roll, Banner Ads, etc can be very costly and ineffective if not done right. More ad dollars are wasted on poorly set up Pay Per Click campaigns than any other advertising medium.

Mr. Bob Bell many years ago told me ” I know that half of my advertising budget is just wasting money, the only problem is I don’t know which half that is! This is still a huge problem with internet ad spend.

CAUTION! If you are currently using a PPC company that does not or will not link their ad campaigns to YOUR Google Analytics account or they will not let you pay Google directly with YOUR Credit Card you need to get rid of them ASAP. That is a sure sign that you are dealing with a company that is stealing from you! You need to know to the penny exactly what they are charging you for their Admin Fees!

Attribution to a Sale is a very elusive and problematic as we tend to trust our vendor’s metrics. In the past, we used our CRM as a last click attribution model to see where we should spend our ad budget. This was a terribly flawed way to track your ad spend ROI, and especially your SEM ROI. Remember it’s not the quantity of traffic that’s important, it is the Quality of the traffic that will sell cars and service.

I have worked with SEM budgets in the million dollar range and have done business with many SEM companies. I got tired of their Ad managers telling us how Great our campaigns were performing, your CPC is going down, your Impressions are going up, your CTR is Climbing, your ads are ranking in the 1.5 position and, Oh BUT your impression share is too low, you need to spend more! The most important metric to track is your Quality Score!

The only problem was we were not gaining Market Share at any of the stores and the reports were very misleading. We never saw any appreciable uptick in sales until we took control our Campaigns structure.

My next step was to link all the Google PPC campaigns to our Google Analytics accounts and by setting up Goals, Segments and Multi-Channel Funnel reports we could watch what our PPC traffic was doing on our sites. That was an eye-opener and we were one of the few dealers utilizing Google Analytics to track the ROI of our SEM marketing.

We cut that spend by over 60% and did not sell fewer cars!

What that means to you is I know how to structure an SEM campaign to drive only high converting traffic to your site at a much lower cost. With a properly set up Google Analytics account you can track conversions and shoppers behavior on your site.

At the very least you need to spend some of your ad budgets on SEM even if it’s just for Mobile, Retargeting site visitors and tactically buying your own name to be in that #1 spot on Mobile.