SEO for |  | AutoTrader | CarGurus | WTF! Something else I have to Optimize?

SEO for |  | AutoTrader | CarGurus – WTF!  Something else I have to Optimize? > YES!

The new SEO is here now for all of our Third Party Marketing Partners. Don’t get left behind with their new Inventory search Algorithms! All of the third party listing sites, AutoTrader,, CarGurus, Edmunds, etc are using new Algorithms to serve more relevant search results for their online shoppers.

I can’t stress enough how fast our business is changing and moving forward in this digital age.

Any dealer who partners with me will have an edge and will learn how to maximize their online inventory for more VDP views by taking advantage of these little know changes to their 3rd party online listings.

I will show you the most effective way to post your inventory so your vehicles show up in search on these sites along with some very effective pricing strategies as well as how to optimize your pictures and descriptions for your customer’s shopping habits.

Hint: At this stage in their shopping journey, shoppers don’t want to hear about you in the vehicles descriptions!