SEO “Search Engine Optimization”

SEO “Search Engine Optimization” | How to Outrank your competition and Drive Site Traffic Up

SEO “Search Engine Optimization” for Independent Dealers is the key to increasing good quality local in-market buyers to your site. Shoppers are relying on their Mobile Phones to choose what dealers they will visit so we will focus on your Mobile Presence. Go shop for a car on your Mobile site, did it load fast, is it easy to navigate, is everything sized right for your big fingers, would you fill out your credit app, probably NOT!  You Mobile Site MUST be on a Responsive Platform that Google recommends and shoppers want.

The problem with SEO is it’s complicated, can be costly and slow to take hold and changes often at the whim of Google SEO algorithms. “If You Build it They Will Come” does not apply to your Inexpensive Cookie Cutter Sites!
Another problem with SEO is the abundance of Snake Oil SEO companies taking advantage of your lack of understanding and their shady reporting tactics.

The problem with not doing SEO is a poor performing and unengaging boring site with many missed sales opportunities. Good relevant content is key to making Google and your Visitors happy!   Billions of dollars are spent every year on Good and Bad SEO efforts.

For your site to rank high for Local Buyers it has to be optimized for Local search. It has to be structured properly, with Great Content, Optimized Local Business Listings, Recent Good Reviews, Structured Data, Relevant Back Links, etc.

The more informative your site is the better it shows in search and drives traffic to a site that educates your customers as to who you are and how you can solve their needs and car buying problems.

A perfect example is that we all go after the Bad Credit customer who is scared to death that they can’t get financed and if they do they will be screwed with a bad deal and high payments and no respect.

You run a PPC ad or you rank organically for bad credit keywords or they see your sign out front, “We can get anyone Financed” and they get to your site that has ZERO content on how you can help them. More often than not they click on your Finance Tab looking for how you can help and you land them on a daunting 2 page 30 line Credit App! Guess what the Bounce Rates on your long Credit Apps are… well over 90%!!

SEO and Local SEO is part of what I will help you with and it will help you sell you more cars if you have the go-to awesome site with what your customers are searching for.