Wake Up Hanover | York Independent DealersYour Website is your First Showroom! Far more shoppers will visit your site than ever set foot in your store! It is by far the most important piece of Real Estate you own, but I’ve not seen one good site yet! Not One Mobile Friendly site out there!

The most important piece of the huge Internet puzzle is your Website, its where the shopper will form their first impressions of you. Think Mobile 1st! Your mobile online presence is by far the most important factor to your online marketing success. A High Converting Site is Key to selling more cars!

The Four Independent Used Car Dealers that partner with me could easily own the www in the Hanover | York area due to the absence of any Internet Savy dealers in the area.

Most of the local used car dealers are using a 10-year-old free CarsForSale website. REALLY GUYS! You need to shoot that pig in the face right now and get a mobile-friendly platform. These sites are costing you business period. I don’t understand why the Local Independents all have such bad websites as it doesn’t cost that much to have a good Mobile Friendly High Converting site??

The majority of visitors to your site will never step foot on your lot or call or submit a lead! This is where YourWebPresenceSucks.com starts with an outdated poorly thought out low converting cheap website. If this is you (put your EGO aside!) this is where I can be the most help to selling more cars online.

Your site has to stand out, it has to WOW your visitors and it all starts with MOBILE.

  • It has to educate shoppers as to what problems you can solve for them and why they need to contact you. Content is King!
  • It has to be very mobile friendly and easy to navigate.
  • It has to have a click to call button that auto-dials your phone number.
  • It has to automate directions from where the MOBILE shopper is located.
  • It has to have relevant content for shoppers and the search engines to crawl and rank.
  • It has to have ONE CLICK access to your Optimized high converting inventory VDP pages.
  • It has to be a responsive architecture for a consistent shopper experience across all platforms. Google will rank a Responsive site above all NonResponsive sites.
  • It should have Chat & Text Trade Evaluation Tool, History Reports, No SSN Pre-Approval tool.
  • It has to be SEO optimized with proper Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Proper Structured Data installed
  • It has to load FAST! Every extra second it takes to load chases shoppers away.
  • It has to be Structured and Optimized to rank well for organic search traffic.


Now ask yourself why you’re not paying attention to your First Showroom!