Why a Responsive WebSite Platform is a MUST for Car Dealers.

Why a Responsive WebSite Platform is a MUST for Car Dealers.

For car dealers, your website is your shop window. So when considering a new website, or looking at improving your existing site, responsive web design should be your very first priority.

Responsive web design basically means that no matter the device your website is viewed on (computer/tablet/phone), your website’s layout will change to accommodate the screen size. While you could build various websites to accommodate all the different sizes, that wouldn’t be a good move for you or your customers and we will explain why.

Make Google Happy

Google views responsive web design as one of its most important factors for ranking on its search engine. This means that no matter how good your website may be with all its well-thought-out content and images, Google will penalize you for your lack of multi-device support and ultimately, slip you down their search engine pecking order. Importantly, this will see you out of the view of all those customers who trust Google to supply them with the most relevant and trusted results to their searches.

Keep your customers on-side

Along with Google, if there is one group of people on the internet that you do not want to get on the wrong side of, then it is your customers.

The likelihood is that even in your home, you will find devices of all different shapes and sizes, and no doubt your family will use a number of these devices throughout the day. If there’s one thing customers do not like, it is getting lost on a website, which means you should make it as easy as possible for them to find the information they need, even if they are constantly viewing your website on different devices.

The idea of having two websites, a desktop and mobile version, will often lead to content on the mobile version being located in different places or even non-existent as you strive to decrease the size of your mobile site. If customers are unable to find the same content on their mobile as they were on their computer earlier, then the chances are they will probably get annoyed and leave, and no one wants that to happen.

Five Reasons a Responsive Site Platform is a Must for Car Dealers

01.Google loves responsive websites, and so will your prospects

The new Google “mobile friendly’ website ranking algorithm favors cell phone friendly responsive car dealer websites that dynamically re-arrange page layouts for ease of use on any screen, over older “adoptive” websites which display a single rigid page layout regardless of the screen size.


With mobile search outstripping traditional online search in many key markets, your prospective customers will love it too.


02.Better usability, better visitor engagement

According to Google, prospective car buyers now spend up to 15 hours online researching, comparing, and learning. They are likely to return to their shortlisted websites from a multitude of devices, including a laptop at work, cell phone while traveling, a tablet at home, and more. Responsive car dealer websites ensure a better user experience on any web device. If yours is responsive, you have an edge over the competition.


03.No duplicate content

With a single website for all devices and screen sizes, ranging from big desktop screens to laptops, cell phones, and tablets, there is no risk of duplicate content or even worse, conflicting content. Upload once, and your audience will see the same content on all of their web devices. What’s more, they can effortlessly return to where they left off, visit after visit.


04.Smarter SEO

Instead of spreading your SEO and search marketing efforts thin across main and mobile websites, you can now focus your full attention on promoting a single responsive auto dealer website. Obviously, your website will perform better, with less overall effort. With just one website to track, it also makes your web analytics easier.


05.It’s Faster, too 

With no redirects to slow it down, responsive dealer websites will perform faster too, compared to traditional adaptive websites.


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